The RPF government of Rwanda seeks to dominate Rwanda‟s politics through undemocratic means. The RPF does not appear to have any interest in permitting democracy to be established in Rwanda. Under these circumstances, the political transformation for Rwanda can only be realized through the work of a democratic transitional government in which representatives of divergent political forces (including opposition parties), along with the RPF, have an equal opportunity for participation to determine the future of Rwanda. The establishment of an inclusive transition democratic government to lead the dismantling of the existing dictatorship is a prerequisite for resolution of the political crisis that Rwanda faces. The proposed transition government would have responsibility for carrying out the reforms necessary to ensure a successful process of transition to democracy.

The reforms to make the transition to democracy credible will include:

  • The unhindered ability by political parties to function freely
  • Restoring freedom of the press
  • Permitting civil society to perform its proper watch-dog role
  • Disbanding informal security networks that currently serve to persecute opponents of the regime
  • Undertaking minimum reforms of the security sector institutions, including the RDF, Police, National Security Service, and prisons (part of the Army

The transition government must also undertake needed reforms of the judicial and legislative branches. Further, a credible process of political reform will not be possible without a degree of separation of powers and checks and balances to ensure an even playing field for all players during the transition. In addition, the transition government will organize the voluntary return of Rwandan refugees to permit them to play an active part in shaping the processes of change that Rwandan society will have to agree upon with a view to ending the perpetual threat of violent conflict that continues to hover over our country and people.

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