The Rwanda National Congress proposes the following 13 strategies for moving Rwanda towards achieving the goals for the social, economic, and political transformation we envision for Rwanda‟s future.

1. Mobilizing the People of Rwanda to Unite in the Struggle Against Dictatorship Ready to find out more?

2. The Need for a Transitional Government

3. The Imperative for National Dialogue

4. The Necessity of Reform of the State

5. Establishing a Constitutional and Legal Framework that Advances Freedom and Democracy

6. Reform of the Security Sector

7. Opening Space for Political Participation and Good Governance

8. Adoption of Consociationalism as Rwanda’s Form of Organization of Political Governance

9. Economic Empowerment and Development

10. Truth-Telling, Justice and Memory

11. Repatriation and Re-integration of Refugees

12. Unity, Reconciliation and Collective Healing

13. A Progressive Foreign Policy Based on Common Values and Interests, Adherence to International Law, and Mutual Respect Between States