Our Objectives

The objectives of the Rwanda National Congress are:

  1. To Stop and prevent violent conflict, including genocide and grave human rights violations that Rwanda‟s people have periodically suffered and that have historically extended to citizens – men, women, and children – of neighboring states
  2. Eradicate a culture of impunity for human rights violations
  3. Create a conducive and progressive environment for social and economic development for all the people of Rwanda
  4. Establish, nurture and institutionalize democratic governance, particularly the rule of law in all its aspects
  5. Establish independent, non-partisan, professional civil service and security institutions
  6. Build a stable society that promotes and protects equality, embraces and celebrates diversity, and fosters inclusion in all aspects of national life
  7. Promote individual, community and national reconciliation and healing
  8. Promote harmonious relations, reconciliation and mutually-beneficial collaboration with the peoples and governments of neighboring states
  9. Resolve the chronic problem of Rwandan refugees
  10. Nurture a culture of tolerance to diverse ideas, freedom of discussion and debate of critical issues