The Rwanda National Congress (RNC) founders & members hold the unshakable view that Rwanda belongs to all Rwandans – Hutu, Tutsi and Twa equally – and that freedom, justice, peace and economic and social development are inextricably linked. We also share the firm belief that Rwandan society has not learned the necessary lessons from the traumatic events of the country‟s recent past; that the threat of new and deadly conflict looms large over the country‟s future; that only profound change – rooted in popular aspirations for freedom, peace and material well-being – can avert the looming crisis; and that the current ruling government, far from working to address the issues that so severely threaten the very survival of the nation, adamantly refuses to acknowledge the necessity for fundamental political change.

Meet the Team

The Rwanda National Congress (RNC) is pleased to announce to its members, all Rwandans and the rest of the World, the names of the newly elected executives at the top level, the chapter level across all continents, as well as the various statutory organs worldwide.

Bureau of the Executive Committee:

1. Coordinator: Jérôme Nayigiziki
2. 1st Vice-Coordinator: Kayumba Nyamwasa
3. 2nd Vice-Coordinator: Gervais Condo
4. Third Vice-Coordinator: Jean Marie Micombero
5. Secretary General : Dr Emmanuel Hakizimana
6. Treasurer : Corneille Minani

Heads of Permanent Commissions:

1. Women: Christine Mukama
2. Youth: Faustin M. Rukundo
3. Refugees & Human Rights : Frank Ntwali
4. Diplomacy & Relationships with Other Organizations: Donatille Nierat
5. Research: Jean Paul Turayishimye
6. Planning: Kennedy Gihana
7. Unity and Reconciliation: Joseline Muhorakeye
8. Fundraising: Providence Rubingisa
9. Communication & Media : Abdulkarim Ali
10. Mobilization: Epimaque Ntamushobora
11. Economy, Environment & Social Welfare : Theophile Habarimana
12. Education & Culture: Benjamin Rutabana
13. Legal Affairs & Ethical Conduct: Dr Etienne Mutabazi

Chapter Coordinators:

1. South Africa: David Batenga
2. USA: Denis Serugendo
3. Australia: Robert Mukombozi
4. Austria : Bernardin Mbaduko
5. Belgium : Alexis Rudasingwa
6. Germany: Eustache Nkerinka
7. France : Anicet Karege
8. United Kingdom : Jean Pierre Mushimiye
9. Canada : Jean Damascène Gasake
10. Denmark : Eugène Munyangoga

Head of the Inspection Board:

1. Edouard Kabagema

Committee of the Wise Persons:

1. Eustache Nkerinka
2. Leah Karegeya
3. Bosco Gatete

Director of Radio Itahuka:

1. Serge Ndayizeye

For varied reasons, Coordinators for Norway, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda chapters will be communicated at a later date.