Lack of Freedom in Rwanda...

Lack of freedom is the most critical obstacle to the achievement of our people‟s dreams and aspirations. Freedom is the ultimate expression of human dignity and equality. Freedom is essential for human happiness and well-being. Freedom is a pre-requisite for peace and sustainable development, manifested by freedom of expression, association and choice
Despite the misleading claims by Kagame's regime, in present-day Rwanda, the following intolerable situation exists:
  • The monopoly of political power by a group with a narrow political base

  • The denial of space for political participation to individuals and political groups who are not members of the RPF

  • The marginalization of the majority of the population from genuine powersharing

  • The use of violence and other forms of persecution and fear to suppress attempts to exercise or claim fundamental and universal rights

  • Deep and widening polarization of society

  • Widespread and worsening poverty, especially among the rural population

  • Increasing disparities between the rich and poor

  • An endemic problem of refugees

  • Armed insurgency by groups based in the Democratic Republic of Congo

These all portend violent conflict in years to come. As such, Rwanda needs profound and systemic political reform immediately in order to avert the risk of violent conflict – conflict that, we fear, will be of catastrophic proportions.